These guys were awesome. While living in Kyle for 2 years, I incurred a couple traffic violations. I moved to Boston (forgetting to pay both of them), and was surprised to see a bench warrant and a bill for over $2,000 show up in my mailbox months later.
I called these guys up, and within weeks they had all convictions dropped and my bill reduced to only $380.
10/10 would let them represent me again.
PSA: pay your traffic violations.

I recently retained the Law Firm of McFerrin & Zayed, PLLC.  Ash Zayed was prompt in returning all phone calls and keeping me up to date on my issue in addition to answering any questions that I had via email.  If your four legged friend has potentially put you in a legal position the key is early intervention in order to mitigate your liability exposure.

Colin McFerrin is a very knowledgeable attorney. He was able to help me navigate through the legal jargon to completely understand my court ordered visitation paperwork. He is very kind & accommodating as well. Every encounter I have had with him has been very pleasant and helpful. I strongly recommend using this law firm for your family law necessities!

I have been working with Ash Zayed for the past year.  He has been incredible to work with.  Stayed on top of my case and got the true results that we were looking for.  He was there literally from day 1 to guide me through this incident.  I was able to text/call/email him at any time with quick responses.  This legal issue almost put a halt to my career which would have been devastating for my family and he was able to work with my employer to assure them of the outcome.  Very confident in his work and very easy to work with.

I am giving 5 start to the firm and especially to Mr.Zayed since he has help our family so much by being understanding, non judgemental and always polite.
I will highly always recommend him and his firm to anyone that needs a good lawyer.

I recently retained attorney ash zayed and it could not have turned out better, i had a case that had gone for almost 2 years i hired an attorney who kept insisting i take a deal for a crime i had not commited, got rid of him and hired ash zayed, well not only did ash listen to his client but he also got my case dismissed very smart patient, i would highly recommend there law firm in fact i already have thank you ash.

Mr. Zayed saved my dog’s life.  He negotiated a very challenging animal law case for me where he was able to obtain an equitable settlement between myself, the victim’s attorney and the city prosecutor.  All parties needs and concerns were met.  He was extremely responsive to my calls and emails and always got back to me right away.  He dealt with this case in a timely manner and worked diligently to resolve this issue where there were only a matter of days before the hearing.   Mr. Zayed has shown that he is committed to a just and reasonable resolution for his clients.  Within minutes of speaking with him about my case I knew I could trust him to handle it in an ethical way; he proved to do just that.  He is incredibly compassionate and kind, and was also very honest and direct with me about what my options are. He gave me solid legal opinions about my case, even if they were hard to hear.   I knew that he genuinely cared about the outcome and was not just trying to make money off an incident that was emotionally traumatic for all parties.

One’s choice in attorney could be the biggest decision one can make pertaining to their well being and future. Attorney Ash Zayed proved in every way that he could that he deserved my business. I could sense his confidence and desire to win any case when he first met me and did everything he could to set me at ease in a case where much ease had been stripped of me. He also kept me up to date frequently and made it easy to get in contact with him at any time. Ash made sure the only money i needed to spend was to him and not the court, which even then was I aware I was not paying the same amount a larger firm might charge. I would recommend him to anyone with any case. He’s the sole reason I am even able to write this review. Thanks Ash!

After my mishap,I hired Ash Zayad .Mr. Zayed put me right at ease, gave me all the information I needed, helped me though a stressful, difficult time & did a fantastic job for me as my lawyer. Everytime I spoke to Mr.Zayed he made me feel comfortable  about my case & helped me do exactly what needed to done. I was very happy with everything he did for me, and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a helping hand. Hire Ash Zayed & know you will be satisfied. I would hire him again if ever need be. I think he is a talented, professional and knowledgeable lawyer, is willing to go the extra mile for you. happily call him a DAMN GOOD LAWYER.  He is also a great guy, has a good sense of humor, and is someone you would invite to your home for parties &  social gatherings. I really like this guy! Can you tell?  Hire him! You won’t be sorry.

I highly recommend this firm. They represent me on a traffic ticket. I live in Dallas and it was very hard for me to make it to the Court pre trials. I’m very happy with the results of my case there very professional I hope I don’t need no more, not because of the service. I just don’t want to be in the situation no more. By the way I have a CDL license and they protect my livelihood. Thanks!

Very happy with the outcome. Ash Zayed got a dismissal for a speeding ticket that would have been very expensive! Worth every penny, also very helpful and efficient! definitely recommend!

If I could give more stars I WOULD! They are my go too lawyers. So knowledgeable, friendly and so oh very understanding. I received reminders for court. I was always informed if I misunderstood something they would break it down for me. I got the best available options for everything.

I have never met Ash and I only know him through the dealings he’s had with my parents on my brothers case. My parents, however, have been singing his praises since day one. Ash, who is not only is extremely competent, and very professional, also brings a great deal of  patience, kindness and compassion to circumstances that are already very difficult. He’s able to communicate clearly and explains the legal process step by step.

If you’re in need of a good attorney..And someone who’s a great human being… Ash is who you need.